VIP360 Video

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The future of video marketing just landed in Houston.

Our state-of-the-art video marketing concept, the 360 rotating, high spec system, gives your guests an unrivalled event experience, that creates instant video content.

The VIP360 Video allows you to create a fully rotated cinematic experience with one stand alone camera and dynamic arm movement – we can also set the speed, length of arm and number of rotations.

Numerous people can hop on the branded platform and take part in the fun, ensuring maximum impact.

Immerse your event guests as they are surrounded by the system, get creative, and have fun creating branded videos. All content can be customized to your marketing campaign, from logos and concepts to event themes; we can do it all.

When the user is finished, they can instantly share their video creation directly via email, mobile or directly to Instagram!

If you want to make a dramatic and bold statement at your launch, party, wedding or special occasion, then this one is for you!


With this new approach to video marketing, the possibilities are endless.

Position your brand in a fun and creative way.

Engage your target audience with video creation.

Educate on your brand and offering with fully customized video overlays and features.

The VIP360 Video drives your online brand presence with social sharing included.

PicMe will collate customer data to enhance your future marketing campaigns.

Get set to see the smiles, hear the laughter and capture your event and brand perfectly with user-generated video marketing content.

Contact us today and let PicMe Events help.