Photo Mosaic Wall

Prepare for a show-stopping masterpiece that will make a huge impact at your event.

Each PicMe Photo Mosaic is an individual image that is strategically produced and positioned to create a jaw-dropping work of art that encompasses your logo or desired visual.

We combine modern digital technology with fine art to create an imaginative photo mosaic using the images from your event or brand campaign. The PicMe Photo Mosaic Wall creates an image of your choice our of hundreds or thousands of individual photos, the size will depend on the desired outcome – we can go as big as you need!

There are several ways a photo can morph into a mosaic that will form a part of the greater picture. They can be captured from an onsite photo booth experience, taken from social media channels using a unique event hashtag or sent electronically from the official event photographer.

Available as a physical or digital-only setup, this new photo marketing technology really is taking event marketing to a new level.

PicMe Physical Photo Mosaic Wall

We bring the full set – photo technology, physical mosaic wall and instant printing, to ensure your guest are fully immersed in the experience.

Guest create their media at the photo experience and the technology instantly prints a mini sticker specifically coded and ready to be added to the physical mosaic. This proves a hugely interactive experience, allowing guest to add their piece to the montage of images and creating the final work of art.

PicMe Photo Mosaic creates the bigger picture for your brand.

The ultimate in brand positioning and exposure.

Unrivalled user engagement.

Interaction and instant social sharing.

User-generated content and complaint data capture for future marketing events.

Multi user-generated content, giving the ultimate brand ambassadors.

A masterpiece of brand art to use as a campaign or in your head office.

Let’s bring your brand and customer together in the most innovative and creative way possible.

Contact us today and let PicMe Events get creative.

PicMe Digital Photo Mosaic Wall

Can’t throw a party or event? Not enough space in the venue? Our digital option has you covered!

There is no need to physically print the photos, they are instead projected or displayed on screens at the venue or you can even use them to create an online mosaic using branded landing pages for your campaign.

Photos are taken by the users and positioned in real-time and with 3d effect using a chic digital photo experience (at an event) or via social media and using a unique event hashtag.

The final artwork is then sent as a high res JPG to share with your customers and utilise for your marketing campaign.