Photo Experiences

The latest photo experience in our arsenal, let your guests outshine the crowd with the Eclipse.
Perfect for brand activations, the Eclipse brings the fun direct to users and offers the ultimate in branding opportunities.

Choose to let everyone get in on the action with roaming mode and detach the screen to put users fully in control.

Or capture professional quality selfies, GIFs and Boomerangs and position the Eclipse in a prominent position to ensure every eye is drawn to the LED light and fully branded body.

PicMe can create custom animations, bespoke branding and fully personalize the Eclipse experience to reflect your event theme.

Take your brand activation to the next level and make full use of the Eclipse’s brandable body to create awareness of your company or campaign.

Put your brand or event centre stage with the Eclipse’s instant social sharing function and make sure every user takes home a branded, printed keepsake to make the memories last longer.

PicMe Events can also collate customer data and insights to enhance your future marketing activities.

Get set to see the smiles, hear the laughter and capture your picture-perfect event.

Contact us today and let PicMe Events help.